Vision, Mission and Core Values

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Our vision at Zion Hill Baptist Church is to be a people of God who live out

The great commands and the great commission in the area we live.

To do this we will be a people who live in connection with God our Father

Through Jesus Christ, this will manifest to those around us primarily by our creative

And inspiring corporate worship services and resources for personal and family worship;

In addition we will be a people who live in connection with one another.

We will be a people who will grow in grace and knowledge of the Son of God

And become mature and complete. Able to distinguish good from evil and equip those

To serve God, fellow believers, and the community according to the gifts and calling of God, through Jesus Christ

Finally, we will be a people on a mission, sharing God’s love in His world.


Our mission is to build a climate of love, grace, peace, and faith where people can connect with God, commit to growth, and contribute to the work of Christ and His church.


              Connecting – with one another

                                Committing – to the work of God

                                                    Contributing – to the Household of Faith

Core Values

  • We value creativity; therefore we do not think that the best way to do church has been invented yet and we will encourage experimentation and flexibility within the limits of biblical principles.
  • We value relationships; therefore we will constantly keep focus on persons and will work to enhance the building of solid relationship within the church family and establishing connection points in the community to share the message of God’s love to the people.
  • We value integrity; therefore we will seek to be above reproach in all our dealings as the people of God inside and outside the church.
  • We value service; therefore we will use the resources at our disposal to provide compassionate service to those in need.
  • We value involvement; therefore we will encourage and provide opportunity for all members to be involved in the church’s ministry based on giftedness, interest, and availability and in the community as an expression of our Christian citizenship.
  • We value growth; therefore we will resource opportunities for all members to grow in faith, knowledge, and character.
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  1. Worship: Because we believe worship is vital to the life of a church and believers, we are committed to providing inspiring corporate worship experiences and restoring individuals and families for worship.
  2. Relationships: Because we believe the Bible is a book about relationships, we are committed to helping members live out the second part of the old command, to love and serve our neighbors and the new command to love one another and all the other one another command.
  3. Equipping: Because we believe every believer is called and gifted to be a Servant, we are committed to creating an environment and providing resources to equip people.
  4. Mission: Because we believe that the church is a people on mission we will provide regular and numerous opportunities to be involved in evangelism, ministry, and missions in our city, state, nation, and to the ends of the earth.